Feast On Us prepares and delivers delicious, freshly prepared local produced foods and ecologically-friendly products to practically any location! We bring out the very best for your special events and know that we can entice your appetite with our tantalizing change of the season menus.


Our Storied History

FEAST ON US CATERING established itself in the quaint and now “fashionista” West Village in 1995. During the past amazing and gratifying 19 years, we have been singled out as the fashion industry’s premier full service catering. We prepare and deliver delicious, freshly prepared local produced foods and ecologically-friendly products to practically any location.

Our sunny, eye-opening Breakfast is a lavish array of fresh seasonal fruits, granola, assorted yogurts, freshly baked breakfast breads and pastries, assorted fresh New York bagels along with soul satisfying hot breakfast entrees and side dishes.

Grab a steaming cup of our freshly brewed coffee and a glass of fresh squeezed juice and you’re good to go!

Indulge in our tantalizing global Lunch menus that change daily to satiate the discriminating palate of our esteemed clientele. You will always have a scrumptious fresh seafood or meat dish, vibrantly creative side dishes and salads prepared with locally grown produce along with a fresh pasta, potato or grain dish, an organic green salad and a delectable homemade dessert all inclusive with assorted beverages.

When you want to Party! And need special attention to detail on that extraordinary customized event, FEAST ON US CATERING will be there!



Make Your Event Special

“Spending on feasting and wine is better than hoarding our substance.That which we give makes us richer. That which is hoarded is lost.”

The Knight in the Panther’s Skin
12th Century Georgian poet Shota Rustard

Splurging on a once in a lifetime event, planning a festive wedding, concocting a “theme” party, throwing a landmark birthday bash, or coordinating a high profile corporate or fashion industry Breakfast, Luncheon, or Dinner requires the absolute attention to detail, impeccable service and menus custom designed by our highly trained and versatile chefs at FEAST ON US CATERING.

We at FEAST ON US strive to provide top class catering for the Fashion industry, Corporate Events and Private Parties, with attention to detail that is second to none. Our chefs are trained to prepare fresh, innovative and tantalizing dishes in both the traditional European and American regional cuisine, while incorporating modern techniques and accommodating changing lifestyles. At FEAST ON US, we offer a stylish customized service to all our clients regardless of scale, budget, or theme.

We have been proud to have such esteemed regular clients as

Elle Decor
Giorgio Armani              
Cosmo Girl
GO Magazine
Nicole Miller
Harper's Bazaar             
Donna Karen     
Conde Nast
Women's Wear Daily               
French Vogue 
Victoria's Secret      

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Take a Trip Around the World!

Our Global Food Stations offer a wide variety of foods and diets from around the world! We at FEAST ON US are proud to bring you these culinary treats, crafted and created by our finest chefs. Everything from the London Pub, to Italy's finest is brought out for you to taste and enjoy. Please feel free to indulge yourself in our varied, delectable, and tempting menus.

We strive to give you the very best from each region. Our menu takes a varied and multi cultural approach to cuisine, in order to give your palette an exciting and interesting experience, the Global Food Station is always a hit! We give and present to you the very best; please enjoy and let us take of your evening, whether it's and outside affair, a fancy wedding, a fashion gala, or a fundraising event, think of Feast On Us!

American Fare
Try our American fare, with good ole fashioned burgers, BBQ, Southern cooking, and our Raw Bar!

English Tea
Looking for a simpler and more leisurely way of enjoying the afternoon? Try our English Tea menu!

French Bistro
Want to try some French flavor? Enjoy our French Bistro Menu, family style!

Our Hawaiian is an eclectic mix of meat, vegetables, and fruits and nuts. It all comes together to form an amazing taste for your palette!

Our Mediterranean menu boasts a wide variety of food, from Greek staples to the more elaborate tastes and flavors. Click here for a menu breakdown!

Pacific Rim
Our Pacific Rim menu takes the very best from Asian cuisine and creates a cohesive and succelent menu that is infused with a sense of refreshing flavor.

Breakfast & Lunch Menus For Every Event
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Breakfast By Us
A lavish array of fresh seasonal fruits, homemade granola, assorted yogurts, freshly baked muffins, scones, danish, butter croissants, and assorted fresh New York bagels. Hot breakfast entrees may feature homemade vegetable quiche, Southwestern breakfast burritos, cheddar or plain scrambled eggs with sides of crisp turkey bacon and savory turkey sausages, golden hash browns or French toast with Vermont maple syrup, freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit juice is served each morning along with freshly brewed Chock full o’ Nuts coffee and an assortment of hot tea.

Lunch By Us
Tantalizing global menus that change daily to satiate the discriminating palate of our esteemed clientele. You will always have a scrumptious seafood or meat dish, a vibrantly colored creative vegetable salad, a vegetarian dish of locally grown vegetables, a homemade side dish of either rice, pasta, greenmarket potatoes, polenta or creamy risotto, a crisp organic mixed green salad, and a scrumptious freshly baked dessert. All assorted beverages and individual spring waters are included. Artisan sandwiches filled with a variety or fresh delicious ingredients are always available upon request and one of these are almost always featured in our daily menu! If you prefer for us to customize a special menu just for you… We can do it!